Do you offer exemplary customer service?   Are your customers looking forward to your call? Do your customers call you?
One of the things I have always loved about Mary Kay is that they instil in their Independent Beauty Consultants  the valued importance of exemplary customer service.  Sometimes, I find, it can be hard to find ‘good customer service’, and when you do, you want to just hold it and hug it long!
Can I share a story with you?
Dr. Kwon and his staff at Chrysalis Dental Centre are simply amazing!! Their mission is “Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time”. My first experience with Dr. Kwon was a year and a half ago where I walked in to his office afraid and unsure. I had an abscess on a molar that wouldn’t heal~ I mean I was on my 3rd course of antibiotics.   My lovely dentist had already tried a root canal to no avail.  When Dr. My dentist said she would refer me to the “best” implant specialist in BC, I thought whaaat?    At first I thought there must be something wrong with me and the way I was caring for my teeth?   Dr. Kwon made me feel safe immediately in the knowledge that this had nothing to do with my teeth. I walked in to my referral and was immediately greeted by a friendly smile and a cup of tea! (note~added touch with the tea.) After completing their administrative forms, I was taken to a very well dressed room where Tracey spoke to me about what was going to happen in the next hour. After we went through all the x-rays (even a CT scan and MRI) on my mouth, Dr. Kwon’s bubbly personality walked in to the room. I knew I was going to like him! He looked, we talked, and he knew my fear (I mean when was the last time you signed a consent form and said it was ok for someone to freeze you, cut in to your bone, and put a titanium post in there, times two!!? ~ shudders). Dr. Kwon said one thing to me that resonated with me and I believed him, he said “You have a beautiful smile sweetie, and I have one chance to impress you!! Trust me, I won’t let you down”. I left that appointment with the first series of appointments scheduled for an extraction and implants. The intention was to do both of them at the same time. However, that was not possible. Instead, we did the extraction, one implant and a bone graft to increase the bone density of the area that had the extraction. Ya, exciting right!! And I left Dr. Kwons office for the first time (of many) with a smile. Follow up appointments and careful watching of the area and my mouth healed well. Now, let’s bring us to today~5 (FIVE) months later where the graft is finally ready for stage two. Again yesterday I was at Dr. Kwons office (probably like the 5th or 6th visit). I walk in to the surgeon’s office and again I am greeted with a happy receptionist ~ Hi Erika, it is so good to see you! And I go to the desk and begin to speak to the receptionist (and as we are talking I notice that all the other girls are coming out of their offices to say HI.)   Before I even see the “man of the hour”,  I was engaging and chatting with his whole staff! They were telling me that they love coming to say Hi because my “energy” is always so positive and I make them feel good. One girl even said to me “oh now I don’t need coffee, you’ve just woken me up.” I don’t share all this to “toot my horn”,  I share this because I want to talk about “Customer Service” We are all in some type of industry that requires quality customer service, and sometimes good customer service is hard to find. In Dr. Kwon’s office and his staff, I have found exceptional, exemplary customer service. But, its customer service with a heart. It’s the type of customer service where you go and you leave excited to see them again. Imagine that at a dental implant surgical office!! 🙂
I am in a business also where customer service is paramount. In Mary Kay, our mission is “Enriching Women’s Lives“.   This past year I have learned the value of customer service where I have been building my customer base, and, more importantly, building relationships, where the women I pamper, and the women who re-order from me are excited and looking forward to seeing me again. I do things like: go to a women’s home who is a mom of 3 daughters and bring my products in for her to shop. (she say’s I make shopping for make up fun.) I do things like: bring a gift every time I am with a customer. Or, things like : wrap their order in pretty packaging. And, I also give a “thank you card for your order”, to every women who places an order whether its 1$ or 100$. It’s the little things you do that instill in your customers a “want” to see you again, and remembering to call you if they run out of a product before your scheduled follow up call! And, that brings me to another point~ “The” Follow up~!! Oh my gosh~ re-order sales are in that follow up!! Trust me!! (truth be told, I wasn’t always great at following up~ I am now~ I’ve had a year to master it!) When I call/text or email “Susie” she isn’t feeling pressured to buy she’s just excited that I remembered her!! (Oh, and PS~Make sure you ask your customers how they like to be contacted~ This is so important too. Some of my customers will respond with a text, others prefer a phone call, and yet others say they would rather I email.)
Is this too long winded? Well, if you’ve gotten this far then I have inspired you to read! I am glad!!
Remember quality customer service goes a long way (in any industry).
Love & belief!    Erika
P.S~ Yes, All the girls at Dr. Kwon’s office are so excited for their pampering class and entering our amazing Make Over contest!!! Fun times ahead…..

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