Mary Kay has given me the opportunity and immense pleasure of meeting the Fabulous Ms Erika.  I have had the pleasure of doing a few consults now with her, and she has always been super informative.   I love the way that she knows the product, and the energy she has when talking about what she is clearly passionate about – skin.

Before I started using Mary Kay, I had very itchy areas around my mouth and nose, which would cause me to break out all the time.  After using the 3-1 cleanser and moisturizer combination,  I am so excited about the results on my face, I have adopted Erika’s energy when discussing this product.  I have become a shadow of what she is passionate about, because this has worked so well for me.  I am excited now to look in the mirror instead of dreading it.  I love Mary Kay and would recommend it to anyone!

Jess Zagwyn ~ Surrey, BC

Shopping for make up with Erika is so easy! First, she comes to my house which is great because I have 3 young kids.  She brings all her products for me to look  through and often has make up I can purchase right then and there~I love that!! Erika is extremely knowledgeable about all of MK’s products and is able to answer all my questions.  I would recommend Erika to all my friends!! 

Jessica May – Coquitlam, BC

As a women in her 50’s I am in love with the Mary Kay Time Wise Repair Volu-Firm line. Prior to this line, I was using the Miracle Set (which is also amazing), but the Volu-Firm line was designed for the more “mature skin”~aka me!!  I have been using this line since its launch and feel that my skin is healthier, younger and much more vibrant. It lifts, it restores and gives you back that youthful glow!! I am very passionate about skin. I believe that every women deserves and owes it to herself to “love the skin she’s in”, and that means a good skin care regime and the type of medicine that is preventive rather then always corrective. In this look, I am wearing a very basic make up look, but I am not wearing any concealer or corrective product. I think that’s important to note, because when I take off my make up, my face looks the same!! I love that feeling!! I am much more confident and can walk outside with my make up on and just know that my skin is fully revitalized and protected with the amazing Time Wise Repair Volu-Firm line~!

I teach “skin care”~thats what I do. Make up application and technique is a lot of fun and the things you can do with make up can really make you go va-voom~But, i will always be of the belief that a good skin care regime will take you miles when your make up is removed!!

Contact me today for your skin care and make up consultation!!  

erika@beautybyerika ~ Vancouver, BC

I met Erika late last year, when I put my name in for a mini mommy makeover with the Mary Kay girls at the mom and baby fair. I’d heard of Mary Kay but never really gave much thought in to trying what they were all about.  Erika came to our home and was so lovely to spend time with.  I have a very active 3 year old so time is not something I have in the morning, or really at all to get ready.  She really listened to what my makeup/ skin concerns were and picked a few things that I cannot live without now.  Most mornings while ranging a toddler and guzzling cold coffee I can use them all!!

Amy Hanson – Langley, BC